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The Australian Law Librarians' Association (ALLA) has divisions in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and members in Queensland and Tasmania.

Through a company structure of at least eight directors and six sub-committees, plus ad-hoc sub-committees and focus groups as required, the ALLA aims to:

  1. promote and provide a national focus for law librarianship;

  2. support the interests of law libraries, collections and legal information services to legal and public communities; and

  3. provide a wide range of services and opportunities to our members.

The ALLA relies on the support and participation of its members and the ALLA board wishes to provide members with as many opportunities as possible to be involved and engaged with their professional organisation.


ALLA Ltd Constitution
(Sept 2021)

ALLA Governance Explanatory Document

ALLA Organisational Chart

Dispute Resolution Procedure

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