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Victorian Division

The ALLA (Victorian Division) Inc. is a group of information professionals with an active interest in the provision and management of legal resources.


We are dedicated to promoting our profession and improving the provision of legal information in our various workplaces.

2022/2023 ALLA (Vic) Committee

Committee Photo at the 2023 Trivia Night

Left to Right

Rosemary, John, Gemma, Alissa, Rheny & Anastasia

  • President - Anastasia Stepanovic

  • Treasurer - Rosemary Patching 

  • Secretary - Gemma Walsh 

  • Membership - John Guerrato 

  • Committee member - Renee Naylor

  • Committee member - Rheny Pulungan 

  • Commitee member - Naish Peterson

  • Committee member - Alissa Duke

Committee AGM
  • ALLA (Vic) AGM - 5th October

Have Your Say

Our members are employed in a variety of sectors including academic institutions, courts, government departments, law firms and other private organisations.

We liaise with the national ALLA and interstate Divisions on matters of mutual concern.

The Australian Law Librarians' Group (Vic) Inc was established on the 10th February 1970.

On March 5th 2007, the Australian Law Librarians' Group (Vic) Inc officially became the Australian Law Librarians' Association (Vic) Inc. This name change follows a special resolution that was proposed, voted on and passed by the membership at a Special General Meeting held in Melbourne on 22nd September 2007.

The ALLA Vic Rules of 2007

About ALLA (Vic)

Sharing & Communications

Keep up to date via social media. ALLA (Vic) Can be found on:

Twitter: @alla_vic

Instagram: @LawLibrariansAU

Facebook: @LawLibrariansAU

Past PD Events

How to Come Back from A Burnout

External presenter who focuses on helping clients in high pressure careers learn ways to naturally relieve daily stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Strategic Plans for Libraries

In this session fellow law librarian share their experiences developing and implementing strategic plans for their libraries.  We hope that in hearing about their process we can reflect on the operation of the libraries we work in and how strategic planning can improve our library’s operations and service outcomes into the future.

Legal Research Learning and Teaching Showcase

Celebrating and sharing our successes and learnings by showcasing examples of online instruction delivered as part of providing law library services from home this year.

Kahoot and Padlet: Online Learning Tools for Librarians

Looking to create engaging online content for your library? This session will take users through two free platforms that help create online content for library users.

Embodiment, creativity and wellbeing for people who work with people

ALLA is proud to present this session to all our members, in hopes that this may help with any stresses, anxiety or simply create a more peaceful mind.

External presenter - Sarah Williams

Legal Informatics - What is it and why does it matter?

Presented by Eliah Castiello, a Research Fellow at the Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness. Eliah drew on his variety of legal publishing experiences to educate us about the wonderful world of legal informatics.

Infographics Made Easy

In this online session three librarians talk through the programs they like and answer any questions participants may have about their uses.

Mental Health Session

Imagine the Law of Attraction meets Functional Medicine. A fusion of the healing powers of Louise Hay, add the functional medicine nous of Dr. Mark Hyman, and the optimism of Dr. Bruce Lipton and you get Jackie Bowker.

Unreported Judgments

Where do they come from? Unreported judgments and law libraries. This session covers the publication process, the various stakeholders involved, the impact on the profession, and the unique processes of the work they do.

ALLA (Vic) Conference Bursary Winners

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From Student to Lawyer

Many of us work with legal students, either in a university, law firm or research capacity.  So, how are students prepared for their profession?  Are there gaps in graduates’ research skills and knowledge that law librarians should be prepared for?

Westlaw for Law Librarians

Join Thomson Reuters’s Training Specialist Mary Dossis for an in depth look at the new Westlaw platform, including tips on how to train users on some of its features. 

Role of Public Law Librarians

A panel presentation by three specialist law libraries in Victoria, outlining their organisations, audiences, and the different services they provide to librarians, the legal profession, students, and the public.

Meet The Librarian

A conversation with some of your colleagues about being a law librarian: how they got to where they are, what skills their current role requires, and what they wish they knew when they started.

To AI & Beyond

This session will look at the history of AI, ChatGPT and other bots, give a high-level overview of its regulation, and how it currently impacts our lives, our work as librarians, and where it might lead. A live demonstration of ChatGPT will follow the formal discussion.

Seeking the Hard to Find

The intricacies of resources in their collections and how best to find them. This session is perfect for anyone who has gone round in circles looking for tricky documents they know are in these collections somewhere…but want a bit of advice on how best to access them.

Intellectual Property & Emerging Technology

In this session you'll hear about the challenges these increasingly popular technologies present from an IP perspective and how businesses may need to adapt their branding, content creation and innovation strategies to keep in step with the changing digital landscape.

Service as leadership: Reaching for sustainability at work

Any job that is worth doing will likely have more work than can be done in the time available. In that environment, committed, diligent professionals can be tempted to try to solve the situation simply by working harder. - Minds Count

ALLA(Vic) run PD sessions throughout the year, these recordings are published and a made available to members.

Here is a list of the sessions we have previously run.

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