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Victorian Division

The ALLA (Victorian Division) Inc. is a group of information professionals with an active interest in the provision and management of legal resources.


We are dedicated to promoting our profession and improving the provision of legal information in our various workplaces.

2022/2023 ALLA (Vic) Committee


Anastasia Stepanovic


Current ALLA (VIC) Committee Members:

  • President - Anastasia Stepanovic

  • Treasurer - Rosemary Patching 

  • Secretary - Gemma Walsh 

  • Membership - John Guerrato 

  • Committee member - Renee Naylor

  • Committee member - Rheny Pulungan 

  • Commitee member - Naish Peterson

  • Committee member - Alissa Duke

Committee Meetings on Wednesday:
  • 3rd May

  • 7th June

  • 5th July

  • 2nd August

  • 6th September

  • ALLA (Vic) AGM - TBD End of Sept

  • 4th October

  • 1st OR 8th November

  • 6th December

Our members are employed in a variety of sectors including academic institutions, courts, government departments, law firms and other private organisations.

We liaise with the national ALLA and interstate Divisions on matters of mutual concern.

The Australian Law Librarians' Group (Vic) Inc was established on the 10th February 1970.

On March 5th 2007, the Australian Law Librarians' Group (Vic) Inc officially became the Australian Law Librarians' Association (Vic) Inc. This name change follows a special resolution that was proposed, voted on and passed by the membership at a Special General Meeting held in Melbourne on 22nd September 2007.

The ALLA Vic Rules of 2007

About ALLA (Vic)

Sharing & Communications

For more information about communications please follow the link below

The ALLA (Vic) division coordinate the Holdings ALLA(Vic) Libraries (HAL) online union list of serials and document delivery database.

Keep up to date via social media. ALLA (Vic) Can be found on:

Twitter: @alla_vic

Instagram: @LawLibrariansAU

Facebook: @LawLibrariansAU


Get in touch with your fellow Victorian members via the new ALLA Vic Google Groups list.

To subscribe / unsubscribe click on the link below.

ALLA(Vic) Twitter Feed

ALLA(Vic) Google Groups Guide

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