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Moys is a specialised system of classification of legal materials that is often preferred to Dewey and LC in law libraries and law collections within larger libraries. Moys is widely used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK - especially in academic, court and law firm libraries. Moys is currently up to its 5th edition (2013, De Gruyter SAUR). For an overview of Moys, see Joanna Fear's 1999 article in the Australian Law Librarian: 'Moys Classification of Legal Materials: A Guide' (available on AustLII).

There are currently three librarians in Australia who have extensive experience in using and training Moys, and who are available to train groups of cataloguers and law librarians. These librarians will travel within and beyond their own States/Territories to provide training. Training workshops are offered under the auspices of the trainers' respective ALLA Divisions, as well as for a fee to other organisations. Moys workshops are also usually provided as adjuncts to ALLA conferences.

The trainers are also happy to be contacted by individuals with Moys questions/problems and will do their best to advise and assist.

Please contact the Moys trainers for more information:

Joanna Fear

Manager, Library & Information Services 
Federal Court of Australia
Queensland Registry


Robin Gardner

Manager, Systems & Electronic Resources

High Court of Australia Library

Margaret Hutchison

Manager, Technical Services & Collection Department
High Court of Australia Library

There is also a very useful global Moys e-list to which you can subscribe. Queries posted to this list receive quick and helpful replies from all over the world. The e-list is also the forum for making suggestions to the editors for the next edition.

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