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I am unable to log in but I know my password details. How do I troubleshoot?

  • Your email which is registered with your ALLA membership. If you wish to change the email that is associated with your ALLA membership, please contact the Memberships Coordinator at

  • Your password which you have created. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the prompts to reset it on the login portal.


1. From the ALLA homepage, select the login option from the top right corner

What I need before I can log in successfully.

Member Benefits
How to join

To apply for membership, please complete the membership application form at the end of this page. For any queries, please email the ALLA Memberships Coordinator:

2. A login screen will show up and allow you to enter your email and password. Please ensure you are on the login option and not the sign-up option.


If you are not an ALLA member and wish to sign up for membership, please fill out the online membership form.

3. After you have entered your details. The login screen will convert to the Sign-in page. Please ignore this and select the ‘X’ icon on the top right corner.

4. You will have successfully logged in. You have access to the resources on the members portal through the drop-down tabs from your member’s icon. 

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