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ALLA 2009 Conference


The 2009 ALLA Evolution Conference was organised jointly by the Northern Territory and South Australian divisions and held at the brand new Darwin Convention Centre from 2 to 4 September 2009.

2009 Conference Committee


ALLA would like to thank the members of the 2009 conference committee: 

Frieda Evans, Jane Angel, Sue Coates, Michelle L Brown, Barbara Keogh, and Helen Edney

for organising such an informative and successful event.

Papers & Presentations

  • Bendeich, Marisa - Beyond the ToC: evolving current awareness services through collaboration PDF / PowerPoint

  • Bratchford, David and Davies, Claudia - Evolution: gorillas to guerrillas - PDF

  • Bulovic, Branco - Staying relevant: how to adapt the library services to other firm operations in this time of financial crisis - PowerPoint

  • Cvelbar, Martin - Online replication of of first year legal research classes: the pods have arrived - PowerPoint

  • Dal Pont, Gino - Keynote address: Evolution of the legal profession - Word / PowerPoint

  • Govan, Ana - Project management methodology for implementing an electronic document, library, knowledge or records management system - Word / PowerPoint

  • Gray, Ian - Keynote address by the Chief Magistrate of Victoria: JOIN brings Victorian Courts into the 21st century - PowerPoint

  • Hinchcliff, Carole - Evolving and devolving: Melbourne Law School's new law research service - PowerPoint

  • Leaver, Hayley - Mission impossible or how to establish a special library on time and on budget - Word

  • Luppino, Vince - Sitting as a magistrate in the NT Magistrates Court - PDF / PDF Slides

  • MacRae, Damien - Digital content and the new consumer: what Radiohead, the Huffington Post and Perez Hilton can teach legal information professionals - PDF

  • Moore, Linda - Professionals and Web 2.0 - Word

  • Newlands, Lyn - Lifting the veil: the changing face of judgments publishing in the Family Court of Australia - PowerPoint / PDF

  • Partridge, Helen - Librarian 2.0: the most adaptable to change? - PDF

  • Pitts, Charlotte - From the cradle of humankind to Darwin Word / PowerPoint

  • Rowe-Nurse, Karen - Are legal research skills the equivalent of the dodo? - PowerPoint

  • Schoolmeister, Jason - How did we ever live without sharepoint? - PDF

  • Wardell, Kayleen - From caveman to casebase  - Word / PowerPoint

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